Euclidean Lands Will Go to iOS Soon

Monument Valley from Ustwo can be said as an artistic game featuring an incredibly compelling gameplay experience which is ever made for mobile platforms

euclidean lands walkthrough ios android

This game is also included into the best puzzle games launched on the App
Recently, that game has emerged a new graphics and mechanics which will be followed by the others to make the similar gameplay features

Seemingly, a new game which will adapt from Monument Valley is Euclidean Lands
This game tries to incorporate similar features

Along with this, this new game, Euclidean Lands will come with some of the more charming features such as Monument Valley did to the unique art style and more.

Anyway, Euclidean Lands will along come with some unique features such as the ability to rotate levels, combat and movement systems and more.

Recently, this game, Euclidean Lands is still in the progress for iOS devices
In related to the premier launch of this game, a final release date has yet to be confirmed by the developer.

Thus, if you want to know more about this game, you can simply stay tuned on this page to get the newest info or even review of Euclidean Lands on your phone


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