Escargot Kart as A Unique Racing Game Will Go to iOS Soon

Recently, a bunch of of racing games are now available on the App Store in all regions
Every of them offers a unique gameplay formula that is specifically for mobile platforms.

escargot kart walkthrough ios android

For the next few days, that apple store will get a new guest that is an interesting racing car game which is going to be launched soon
This game is designed for those who will have to race through a variety of tracks as snails.

If you are curious of what the game is about, it is called as Escargot Kart
In this game, all you will do is to control snails to race through a variety of different tracks.

Inside the package, this game will feature actual races, where you will be brought to go through tracks by yourself, while gathering up items and power-ups which will be needed to complete the race
In the mean time, you can also perform tricks in the air for more points.

In line with the premier launching of Escargot Kart, it may come to the apple store earlier this month
However, the game is now being in the process of the certification phase

That is why the game is not much telling about an exact launching date on mobile platforms.
So, you can stay tune on this page to get the newest info related to this interesting game


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