Elroy and The Aliens A Comical Cartoon Adventure Goes to iOS

An indie studio in the name of Motiviti will proudly present Elroy and the Aliens A Comical Cartoon Adventure on ios platform

elroy and the aliens walkthrough ios android

The developer seems to have one straight and simple goal that is to make an adventure game which you will see soon once this game is available on the apple store

In line with this, Elroy And The Aliens can be said as a 2D puzzle-adventure game where you will see the animation of Elroy reaching into his coat.

In this game, the developer has added all the art and most animations which are hand crafted well.
You will see here that all speaking characters will have voice-overs.
And, the music is original to make this game come to alive.
The developer also added that there is a ridiculous amount of love in every single bit of the game

This game will be like the old-school adventure games coming along with a feeling for the modern player and design the game with the touchscreen in mind.

You will experience it in an immersive, challenging as easy puzzle-adventure that you will play on the go.

In related to the premier launching of this game, it will be planned to be launched on the apple store soon
So, if you want to play this game, just keep yourself updated with this page to get the newest updates related to this game


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