Earthcore Shattered Elements as Card Battler Will Come to iPad iPhone

Tequila Games will present a new collectible card game, called Earthcore: Shattered Elements
In this game, you will not only collect cards, but you can use them to craft them to be the most powerful cards ever.

earthcore shattered elements walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will also be able to customize your deck with over 500,000 possible cards that are based on your play-style.

In line with this, card games are rather popular, and the crafting system will give something interesting one, and this is one worth to taste.

Card crafting is a core part of this game, in which the developers claiming that it will be possible to create hundreds of thousands of new cards by fusing together existing ones.
You will also be served with a risk system in play, where you will be able to play in more powerful cards, but at a potential greater loss of health to the player in battle.

Here, some of the cards will use a 3-element battle mechanic in a “rock, paper, scissors” fashion – Fire, Nature, and Water battle it out against each other.

On the other side, this game has included a single player campaign and you will also be allowed to take part in ranked multiplayer leagues and online PvP modes to qualify competitive players.

Recently, this game is only available for iPad in the soft launch
Later on, it will be coming to iPhone and Android as well.
Thus, if you are a big fan of playing soft launch games, you need to try out this game.


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