Dynasty Warriors Mobile Version Will Go to iOS Soon

If you often played war game on play station consoles, you might be familiar with The Dynasty Warriors franchise from Koei Tecmo, where this game seemed to get more than 18 million units over worldwide

dynasty warriors walkthrough ios android

Recently, this game will be coming to mobile platforms, ios and android as a mobile head-to-head fighting game with side-scrolling elements.

According to the setting, this game will still offer historical combat featuring heroes from China’s Three Kingdoms period
In line with this, you will learn a variety of weapons-based and hand-to-hand fighting moves.

In this mobile version, you will get over 50 different warriors, each with different skills and weapons, as well as 100 equipment cards, 300 items cards and 10 mount cards which can be useful to upgrade your heroes into higher levels.
It also seems to feature a lot of cards when it comes to mobile version.

In related to the control scheme, it is designed to work on mobile, where it features simplified attacks and counters to let you keep attacking enemies on the board

Early on the game, you can learn the heroes and basic gameplay in single player mode first
Larer on, to make this game fun to play, you will be able to play in PvP and PvE mode or called as multiplayer mode
In this mode, you can join your friends to play this game against enemies online

Besides, this game is made with superior graphics and animation in which it also features light and heavy attacks, defensive parrying, and high-powered Musou supers related to mobile optimized combat system.
According to this, you can engage in cavalry fights set in original Three Kingdoms battlefields.

Anyway, this game is still in the progress and the premier launching date has not been publicly revealed by the developer


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