Dynasty Heroes The Legend Goes to iOS

If you have played any rpg with Chinese historical stories, you may have heard that a new strategy game called Dynasty Heroes The Legend will go to the App Store later this month

dynasty heroes the legend walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this new game, Dynasty Heroes The Legend may be similar to Dynasty Heroes game that you may have played on your phone recently
In this new series, you will get a chance to use many popular Chinese historical heroes.

Dynasty Heroes The Legend is now being under development in Chinese studio Digital Sky Entertainment.
Along the game, you will have to grab some different heroes to build up your army and battle with enemies.

Here, every hero is designed in more unique along with their own special link skill attacks.
The developer seems to add more battle possibilities such as the devastating hero combo skills that can mainly be performed by multiple heroes.

In related to he premier launch of Dynasty Heroes: The Legend, it may go to mobile sometime this month on the App Store.
So, just stay tuned on this site to get the newest info or even walkthrough related to Dynasty Heroes The Legend on your device


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