Dungeon of the Endless Goes to iOS Soon

If you like playing strategy game, tower defense in one package, you may have to try a new game in such genre called Dungeon of the Endless

dungeon of the endless walkthrough ios android

This game is planned to be launched on the App Store in all regions this Summer.
Anyway, this game seems to be specifically designed for iPad.

In line with this, Dungeon of the Endless can be said as a unique roguelike game combining elements from several different genres such as strategy games, tower defense games and more.

Here, you will have to escape from a hostile planet after having crash landed on it
During in your exploration, you will have to complete 12 randomly generated dungeons, gather up some resources, deploy towers and more actions.

In related to the first launch of this game, Dungeon of the Endless will soon be launched on the App Store this week in all regions.
But, the price is not available yet on the first launch

So, be sure to download and play Dungeon of the Endless on your phone once it has been available on the apple store


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