Dungeon Hunter 5 Will Go to iPhone Android

Gameloft has just stated that the next chapter of its popular Dungeon Hunter series, called Dungeon Hunter 5, will be soon launched on iOS, Android, and Windows later this year.

dungeon hunter 5 walkthrough ios android

Here, you will play as a ‘common-guy’ bounty hunter following on from the events of Dungeon Hunter 4, in which in this new game series, it is set to feature improved graphics, new animations ‘built from the ground up’, and all new weapons and effects bundled within.

This game, Dungeon Hunter 5 is the next sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4 where you will see the consequences of the demon war along the game.

This game will be planned to encounter better harness the power of new mobile devices.
It is why this game will get improvement for the graphics, environments, animations, and details which will support this game`s performance
Also, new gear, abilities, and weapons are also included inside.

As stated before, you will take the role of a bounty hunter looking to earn treasures and new gear by completing different quests.

You will also be the owners of your own dungeon ‘hideouts’ in the new multiplayer mode, where you will be able to aim to defend your loot and you can also steal resources of loot from other players.

In related to this hideout, you can design your own hideout, along with the ultimate goal of an attacker being to beat the owner of the hideout at the end and you can then claim some of your loot as your own.
With this, you can use it to the new weapon fusing system, in which you can combine and level-up your weaponry through this loot.

Anyway, the developer will still reveal when this game will come to mobile platforms
In related to this game`s gameplay, Gameloft has offered a trailer of the game that shows off some in-game footage.

In addition, you are also be allowed to pre-register for the game now, which provides you the opportunity to work toward exclusive launch day items
You can contribute in concept art and a minion to help protect your loot when playing this game later when it has been launched in this year.


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