Duel Revolution as 2D RPG Pokemon Style Will Come to iPhone

As you can see that, the popular Pokémon RPGs has been popular game on Nintendo platforms, in which this game have inspired some indie studios to continue to make similar game on iOS and Android.

duel revolution walkthrough ios android

If you see on game mobile right now, you may have seen several titles inspired by the series have been released earlier this year, such as Monster Legacy and Micromon that have been launched earlier this year.

Seemingly, Prodigious Works has another one on the way to make the game in similar, which entitled Duel Revolution.
Anyway, this game will bring its 3D monster catching RPG Duel Revolution to iOS and Android.

On the other side, this game seems to carry some strong classic Pokèmon vibes, with 2D graphics closely resembling the ones of the GameBoy Advance entries of the series.

In a glance, you will encounter a modern fantasy world as well as collecting and battling over 100 different monsters along the game.

In this game, you will have to travel through the world in search of monsters that can be recruited and trained to be the most powerful ones.

Also, you can fully customize your character, including the gender, skin colour, clothes, hair, and accessories.
You can play this game online in 1v1 tournaments mode and other battle formats may be added as well in the future updates.

In addition, Duel Revolution is now in the progress and it will be launched in early 2015.
You will enjoy this game freely, with a new chapter will ge released every three months.
So just stay tune on this site to follow the recent news concerning this game.


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