Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation RPG Goes to iOS

Square Enix as the official developer of Dragon Quest franchises has launched several entries of this game series on the App Store in all regions.

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In the newest update related to this game, the developer will continue to launch the next sequel of Dragon Quest series, that is Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation especially for ios platform

According to this news, Square Enix has just launched Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation on the Japanese App Store.
However, this game has yet to be confirmed for the West regions

As you have known that this game is based on the Nintendo DS version which has been launched in all regions a few years ago

Anyway, Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation seemed to be the final entry of the series to get launched on the Nintendo Super NES years ago.

In this new series, you take a role as a young man from a quiet country village, then go to an adventure through the world of dreams and reality.

Within the package, the game features a much stronger focus on characters and a lot more cut-scenes story than the previous series

It also reintroduces the class change system that will offer you a bunch of customization options for your party members.

Also, some gameplay features will provide greater customization, such as the class system inspired by the one included in Dragon Quest III and more.
As usual, this game seems still to be an excellent old school role playing game form years to come.

In accordance with the premier launching of this game, it is now available on the Japanese App Store but the first launch on the west has to be confirmed yet
So, just stay tuned on this page to get the review or even walkthrough of this game


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