Door Kickers Lets You Play SWAT Team on iOS

Recently, a new strategy game, Door Kickers developed by KillHouse Games is going to be launched on ios devices in which it will be designed for iPad.

door kickers walkthrough ios android

Door Kickers is a kind of a top-down real-time strategy game where you will be allowed to command a SWAT team in tense, tactical situations.

Here, you must complete the missions successfully
For such reasons, you will have to analyze the situation, plant routes, choose equipment and coordinate the efforts of the entire team.
Sometimes, you will need to improvise to reach the hostage room and complete the mission.

In related to this announcement, the team behind this game is working to “adapt and tune” the gameplay to work with touch-based controls on tablets.

Cross-saving across PC and the iPad version would also be possibly implemented in that it can hopefully work smoothly with touch controls on tablets.

Not much more is currently known about the iOS version of the game, the team is now working to tweak the gameplay experience with smooth control options

In related to the first launch of this game, it is planned to be launched on the App Store sometime during May.
So, if you like playing shooting game, you may try this game on your phone


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