Disney Magic Kingdoms Will Go to iOS

Gameloft will soon launch their newest game called Disney Magic Kingdoms on on iOS, Windows, and Android devices in the next few months

disney magic kingdoms walkthrough ios android

This game, Disney Magic Kingdoms is a builder where you can construct your own Disney Park with a Sim City-esque on Disney’s iconic theme parks

Here, you will plop down real life attractions like Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Astro Orbiters and Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, in which those characters will be highlighted by some very cool visual effects.

In this game, you can build your own Disney park with the existing rides and set pieces that can be found at all the Disney parks located throughout the world.

There, you will start with building your own castle with rides, decorations and more.
In order to build your own park, you will be brought to follow the story associated with the game which will revolve around Disney heroes and villains attending your park
And, you will have to get into the middle of the action to defeat the baddies and rescue your creation.

Before launching this game worldwide, you can get some rewards in form of magic, mickey ear topiary and gems by visiting the Disney Magic Kingdoms official site, where you must register your Facebook account and share the game with friends.


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