Dicetiny The Lord of The Dice as Board Game Will Come to iPhone

Fakedice is going to launch a really interesting combination of board game, collectible card game and RPGs with a sense of humour which is called destiny that will be released next year on the App Store.

dicetiny walkthrough ios android

Based on the trailer, this game has a thick bold outlines and gothic illustrations all come together in one pack

And, this game will be coming along with a really beautiful and gritty graphical style and several interesting gameplay features.

your main goal in this game is to beat the boss of the board, who then drops a random card that you can add to your deck.
In this game, you will be opted to select one between four classes before being able to roll the dice and move on the board along the game.

During on the battle with enemies on the board, you will meet a bunch of traps to avoid and some monsters to beat that will get you to move on the next stage.

At some point, you will encounter a monster, whereby you will need to call upon your cards in battle system.
Here, the monsters in this game will vary based on the setting, such as Death Knights, Goblin Lichs, and Mother Dragons which you have to beat up.

Anyway, you will have many different cards to collect and use in battle, in which you will be assigned to complete each board that you can do by beating the final boss so that you will be stronger in this game, as the boss will drop a random card.

In related to the first launch of this game, it will be set out to be one of the more interesting iOS games launched next year
Recently, this game is still in development, so just follow all the latest news concerning with this game on the official developer.


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