Devious Dungeon 2 Goes to iPhone Worldwide Soon

Ravenous Games is in the progress to make the next sequel of Devious Dungeon, called Devious Dungeon 2 as the platform game, in which this game will come soon to the App Store.

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In this new series, this game will be equipped with new features that will make the game much better than the already nice previous game

You will see the new features such as the three new classes, Rogue, Mage and Barbarian, which play quite differently from one another
This kind of feature will add some welcome variety, and many other gameplay tweaks.

Moreover, this game will also feature the same engaging gameplay experience of the previous series
Here, you will be brought to to explore a variety of locations, defeat enemies, collect loot and much more.

Anyway, if you are big fans of platform games and roguelike titles, this game, Devious Dungeon 2 will be a good reference to play as soon as it becomes available.

In related to the first launch of this game, the new series of the franchise will be available tomorrow in all regions so you will not need to wait for so long to play this game.
Thus, just stay tuned on this site in order to get cheats and review related to this game.


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