Detective Dixie and The Revenge of Wishteria Comes to iOS

Gian Leap Games is in the progress of Detective Dixie, a new interesting adventure game featuring a really beautiful setting and presentation that will be launched next month on the App Store.

detective dixie walkthrough ios android

And, this game has all beautifully been illustrated with 2D art and with plenty of strange, magical characters to meet and greet.

In this game, you will control the titual detective Dixie as she investigates crimes in the city of Wishteria Town
In her mission, she will try to find enough evidence to convince the police to apprehend criminals.

To solve her mission, she will have to look for clues, and you will help her complete a variety of puzzles as well collect testimonies, search the environment and much more.

Sometimes, you need to investigate the crime scene, collect testimonies from witnesses, and collect clues from the environment.
When doing so, there will be mini puzzles to solve, particularly when interrogating suspects.

So, if you love playing with a fantasy settings filled with charming locations and characters, Detective Dixie will be a good reference to pick.

n related to the first launch of this game, it will be launched publicly on May 10th on the App Store.
But, the price has yet to be confirmed herein
So, just stay tuned for all the latest updates or even walkthrough of this game.


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