DestinyQuest Infinite as An Interactive Gamebooks RPG Will Come to iPhone

DestinyQuest Infinite as an digital gamebook realm has been walking on the touchscreen platforms soon
This game is developed by New York-based developer QuestForge that has mad a game in the same genre

destinyquest infinite walkthrough iphone android

The developer also launched the gamebook arm of Adventure Cow, in which this game previously delivered interactive stories via email to interactive fiction lovers

In this new game, DestinyQuest Infinite, it will come along with a rich, enticing blend of Dungeons & Dragons-style RPG action and a self-directed, CYOA-style fantasy narrative.

Here, you are a hero armed with your sword and a backpack, and has a main duty to beat a horde of monsters, powerful forces, and shadowy secrets.

Along the game, you will have to explore more than 600 pages of fantasy story, with hundreds of weapons, armor, and items to equip against the battles and challenges before you.

On the other words, you will be an adventurer and journey through the lands of Valeron, and meet strange creatures and magical individuals, embark on quests, and follow the trail to uncover who you really are.

Later on, this game will include a host of different quests, characters and stories which are determined by the choices you make while reading.
You will also gain hundreds of skills for you along with a bunch of items and equipment, and a class-based quest system as you journey through the epic-sized storylines.

In addition, this game is still in progress and the developer has not announced the first launch of this game
If you are really waiting for this game, you can follow the recent updates from this site


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