Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition Goes to iOS This Month

If you play Desktop Dungeons on PC, this game is like a one-level roguelike where you can pit an endless stream of disposable heroes against numerous enemies with various skills.

desktop dungeons enhanced edition walkthrough ios android

Anyway, Desktop Dungeons will be designed for mobile version called Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition that will be introducing some fun new features along with a UI specifically designed for touch devices.

The new game is Desktop Dungeons is being in the progress of QCF Designs.
In this new series for mobile platforms, this game comes along with the same features of the original release as well as all the new classes that have been added to the game by the Enhanced Edition.

On the other side, Desktop Dungeons for iOS will also feature an optimized interface so you can play the game rather nicely with touch controls.

In line with these features, Daily Challenges will be added to allow you and your friends to tackle seeded adventures.

Moreover, this mobile version will fully support cloud saving that will sync your saves across the various platforms
It means that you can delay your certain death on your desktop by pausing the game then meeting your demise on your tablet screen.

Seemingly, this is perfectly suited for the quick play-sessions of mobile gaming, even if it has the word desktop in its title.

In related to the first launch of this game, this new series will be launched later this week on the App Store as a premium title without IAPs
Thus, you can taste the full experience once getting the game from the apple store.


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