Daytona Rush Will Come to iPhone Android Soon

Invictus Games has announced to launch it newest new racing game on mobile platforms ios and android in which this game is a lane-based endless runner, where you can drive your car through a race track filled with opponents

daytona rush walkthrough ios android

On the other side, this game will feature plenty of cars, in which you will be allowed to select your car of choice on a Nascar then go to endless track while avoiding opponents and any other hazard by changing between the three lanes.

Also, you will be vying with some cars that will make your way through hazardous crashes
Moreover, any number of hazards that lane-based runners will throw at you.

Once going through some races, you should go to an upgrade system for your different cars, so that you can upgrade your car`s engine, tires, and body to improve the cars’ performance and your car will be a little bit run farther than before.

To play this game, just log into the game, then tap on the far left and right of the screen to make a car change lanes.
Throughout the game, there are 3 + 1 lines which are used here
Here, three lines for the main race and one lane again is forbidden paths that you can use as a pit stop that is far left lane at any given moment.

At this point, your main goal is to avoid all the cars on the track trajectory in order to avoid collisions.

During the race, be sure to check gasoline at the upper end of the left and right of the screen
If the gas runs out, go hurry to move to the far left lane and while walking you will be charged petrol automatic.

When doing so, you should be careful as the gas contents can only be visited if there is no red line on the track.
And, while driving a car in the far left lane and there happens to be a red line, hose 2 seconds later you will come to game over if you do not even move to the right lane.

Furthermore, you also will be tasked to complete a challenging mission such as overtaking 20 cars in a single race, refuel three times in a single race, a total distance of a particular, and others.
Completing that mission will earn you money cash that you can use to purchase upgrades for the car.

When going to upgrade your car, be sure to upgrade the machine so that you car will be faster and more efficient use of fuel
Upgrading gear will get the displacement of each track to be a little bit faster
And upgrading the body will increase the maximum number of collisions before the game over.

In addition this game will soon be launched on the App Store on next week
So, make sure you are the first one who tastes this new endless runner game on your phone.


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