Dawn of Titans Goes to iOS

Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 event at Los Angeles few days ago had given a lot of incoming games for any console especially for mobile platforms mainly for ios and android

dawn of titans walkthrough ios android

One of the incoming games is Dawn of Titans that will give you a massive battle that you can control with swipes and taps on ios platform.

This game, Dawn of Titans is brought to you by Natural Motion that can be included in an action-strategy game with a beautiful sheen of lighting, particle effects, and massive environments that you will wage war against your friends over on your ios devices.

In this game, you will get a chance to be a commander where you will command and direct your army to smash its way through the gathering enemy forces in the battlefield

Anyway, that action will remind you when you play the recent Game of Thrones episode where the giant Wildling wades into battle, smashing foes out of the way with powerful swipes of a massive club.

In this game, the developer use their own Echo Engine that will create a stunningly gorgeous battling game where you will see several thousand characters are onscreen and fighting at a time.

On the other side, when you are in your empire, you will build a beautiful high-fantasy-style kingdom atop a floating island world, while collecting resources and leveling-up your forces to get back into the fight when the war begins again.

When coming to the final touch, Dawn of Titans will be launched in a free-to-play that you can download to iOS and Android devices soon enough
So, just stay tuned on this site to get the review or even walkthrough of this game in the next updates.


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