Darthy as Platform Game Will Go to iOS

For the next days to come, the apple store will get a new guest that is a new platform game called Darthy, which feature an interesting graphical style and solid gameplay features

darthy walkthrough ios android

In other words, Darthy can be said as an auto scrolling platform game where you will have to do have some control on your character
Along the game, you will simply guide your character to move around while the stage scrolls.

This game may promise to be quite varied features such as the different hazards included in the game which will require different maneuvers to avoid and dodge.

In the mean time, each time you perform your action, you will be tasked to collect a bunch of gold coins scattered along the way

This game, Darthy will soon be available as a free to play title without IAPs cosmetics
Besides, you may be asked to remove ads and skip levels then unlock more contents to play for more

In related to the first launch of this game, Darthy will be launched next week on the App Store.
So, just get yourself ready to download and install this game once it has been available there
Also, you can stay tuned on this page to get the review or even walkthrough related to this game


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