Cube Koala as Platform Game Will Come to iOS Soon

Happymagenta will soon launch a new platform game with an interesting gameplay experience to the App Store and this game is called Cube Koala.

club koala walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to help the titular koala survive a variety of dangers that you can do by manipulating the gravity of the stages with the on-screen buttons.
The koala will then slide and bounce around the walls and floors.

By rotating the stages, you can move the cubic Koala out of danger and make it reach the stage’s exit.
Along the game, you will go through 75 levels in that these levels will be a rather difficult game to play with.

In line with this, this game seems to be beta testers so if you are interested in helping the team improve their game, you can get in touch with Happymagenta on the team’s Facebook page.

According to the first launch, Cube Koala will firstly be presented at the end of March or early April
But the date is yet to be confirmed on the App Store.

So if you wonder this game, stat tuned on this site to know the recent news or even cheat concerning this game.


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