Contract Killer Sniper Will Shoot iPhone Soon

If you are fans of the Contract Killer franchises form Glu Mobile, you will extremely be happy to welcome its newest sequel entitled Contract Killer Sniper.

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This new series of Contract Killer is not that different from other entries of the series
Here, you will play as a dangerous assassin in a shooter experience which combines third person elements where you are moving from cover to cover while shooting your enemies.
In other words, you will play a master assassin with lots of guns, a shaved head, and a passion for running between cover.

In this game newest game, The Glu Mobile game includes over 250 single player missions as well as a PvP mode and more feature.
The single player missions are made in varied ways that will offer you plenty to do in the game.

In a mission, you can shoot from the hip, but most of the time you will want to aim down your red dot sights for accuracy’s result.

In sniper missions, you will be able to use an assault rifle, or other type of gun that is not a sniper rifle.
In line with this, you will be served with over 250 missions in the single player campaign to complete that take you across the globe hunting down targets.

Later on, the sniper rifle missions usually involve looking through your sights to find your target, then shooting them in the head.
At this pint, you will get one of those slow-motion cameras that follow the bullet’s path.
Then continue to the next mission.

Plus, a PvP mode can be unlocked, so you are able to also test your cover shooting skills against other online players.

To get better play, you will have to purchase new guns and upgrade the ones you own in order to take on some missions.
According to this, you will can access three types of currencies and IAPs on offer.


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