Cloud Chasers as A Survival Game Goes to iOS

Soon, the apple store will get a new guest taht is Cloud Chasers from Blindflug Studios, a game that seems to adapt some serious themes such as nuclear war and others.

cloud chasers walkthrough ios android

In other words, this new game can be said as a roguelike game inspired by immigration and everything that comes with it where you control a father and daughter on their mission to find a new home.

Along the game, you will take a control of Francisco and Amelia to travel across five different deserts full of different hazards

In the mean time, you must make it from cloud field to cloud field, since this is the only way to collect water with the glider to collect them directly from the clouds.
And, Cloud Harvesters are also searching them out in order to transport to the world in the sky.

In this game, water is a vital need for survival and for trading purposes in the towns that characters Francisco and Amelia will find on their journey.

Recently, the Cloud Chasers gameplay experience has not revealed yet but it will include some roguelike staples.
Now, the team behind this game is still in the progress of the final touch

In related to the premier launching of this game, Cloud Chasers is recently in development for iOS and this game is planned to be landing on ios soon.
So, just stay tunes on this page in order to get the review or even walkthrough of Cloud Chasers game.


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