Chesster Matching 3 Chess Will Go to iOS

If you have played any matching 3 games on the phone, you may consider to look for the different formula of such game

chesster walkthrough ios android

For the next few days, you may come to the apple store to try the new matching 3 game which is called Chesster which will change the viewpoint of combining Match-3 genre coming with a board full of chess pieces.

Similar to the same genre, Chesster will get you to create rows or columns of matching pieces to make a score points.

In this game, every single move you take in the game will be the same way as you do in real chess
It means that, you must plan your moves more carefully, rather than simply move adjoining pieces.

Later on, you will be allowed to move three pieces each turn, and your victory will rely on how you move in advance.

In addition, this game is still in the development and it may come to the apple store next week on this month

So, for those who like playing chess, just get yourself ready to welcome and play this game on your phone


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