Chesslike Will Come to iPhone Android Soon

Moore Interactive will present Chesslike: Adventures in Chess in which this game will allow you to do the strict, orderly game of knights, pawns, queens, checking, and mating.

chesslike walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of the traditional 64-square board, boards are irregularly-shaped and based around dungeon-crawlers, and even contain pitfalls where you can start methodically drilling through the cardboard with a dull knife.

In addition, this game will be released soon on the App Store, featuring a gameplay experience that mixes dungeon crawling with chess.

Here, you will not see the usual characters of dungeon crawler games such as skeletons and other monsters but chess pieces.

All you will do is to control several different pieces during the game, with each piece coming with some movement limitation.
Pawns will be among the enemies of the game and they will be able to move in any direction.


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