Chesh as Chess Game Goes to iOS Next Month

As you may have known that chess can be the one of the more popular board games, which you can play on the mobile platforms, browser, consoles and desktop pc

chesh walkthrough ios android

Maybe, chess game on the mobile may rarely be to play with
Anyway, since mobile platforms, ios and android go globally, this chess game may come to them

This news will give an advantage for dedicated players, because they can refine their playing technique by playing this chess game on the go

In line with this, if you are the one who really like playing any chess game in any media, you may get to try playing chess matches on ios platform

For the next few days, be sure to check out a unique iOS chess game which will soon be launched on the App Store.

This oncoming chess game is called Chesh which will be a really unique chess game.
In this game, you will get all pieces randomized, where you will get acquainted with them during each match.

Along the game, you will go through over 533 different pieces, each with some unique properties
Besides, this game will feature three different play modes to play with.

Moreover, this game will also come along with its unique gameplay features, where you will be able to play modes and online multiplayer here
Anyway, this Chesh game will approach to chess board on the apple store next month

So, if you are really curious of what this game is like, you may have to stay tunes on this page to get the newest info or walkthrough related to this game


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