Chameleon Run as Platformer Game Will Go to iOS Soon

Noodlecake has recently announced to launch their new platform game called Chameleon Run soon on the App Store in which this game may be quite fun because of its gameplay features and unique art style.

chameleon run walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will get to control your main character to automatically jump from one platform to another

This game may be different from the other games in similar as it comes with its gameplay features
You can see such features on your own when your character moves from one platform to another, while leaving a colorful trail behind that gives a unique look.

In other words, you will be switching colors to land on the proper platforms from stage to stage.
On the other side, this game is level-based with fixed endings for each level, where you must compllete 3 different objectives

Every time you have completed objective, it will be the key to unlock a different speed burst, with time trials unlocked after completing 3 objectives

Moreover, this game shines in motion at 60 frames per second with its high speed gameplay that you can experience when you perform your jumps.

During in your action, you will also have to avoid a variety of obstacles, and you can select different paths along the game

In related to the premier launching of this game, it will come to the App Store next week
So, be sure to download and install this game when it is available on the store


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