Chain Chronicle Japanese RPG from Gumi or Sega Will Come to Mobile

Recently, SEGA Networks associated with Gumi Inc have localized some of SEGA’s popular Japanese titles for international audiences.

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This corporation will soon launch the newest game, Chain Chronicle that will be the first game to be released under this new partnership.
This game will come to mobile in English version.

On the other side, the game itself has a good reputation in Japan where it has over four-million installs there.
This game is now available for free in Australian Google Play Store, in which it gets a 3.8 rating with 17 reviews and somewhere between 50 and 100 installs.

In this game, you will be assigned to rescue the world from the “Black Army” and you need to recruit a band of heroes to help them on your quest.
At the same time, you will collect some of the kingdom’s greatest adventurers and you will also gradually unravel the titular chain of chronicles that bind you all together in the end.

The developer has presented the combat system in an interesting mix of traditional RPG mechanics with real-time combat reminiscent of a tower defense game.
Combat starts with the player’s hero, and any accompanying party-members, coming onto one half of a grid.

Your defensive line is behind your heroes where it has to be well protected so that enemies will not be able to cross it.
Here, you will have to move your heroes on the grid to intercept the enemies which creep constantly gets in from the other side of the battle grid.
In addition, the original SEGA or Gumi partnership will launch this game worldwide sometime this year.


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