Catch It on Time Will Go to iOS Soon

PlayPlayFun has recently announced to launch their upcoming game named as Catch It On Time, a fiendish puzzle game on the apple store few days next

catch it on time walkthrough ios android

In a glance, this game tells a story about Quareons, a lazy cube-like creatures, where you will get to help them get their food on time

In other words, you must help mysterious creatures, Quareons catch brownies as fast as possible
And, you must do it efficiently.

Playing this game sounds pretty simple to do where you will merely tap at the right time to swipe them
When guiding your character, The Quareons will sometimes move unpredictably
Moreover, they can also teleport, which will make you have your work to get everything right again

Later on this game, you will be brought to go through an infinite mode, which will be more than 90 levels and over 10 different puzzle variations to complete

Note that, it will highly be recommended to react quickly for developing situations so that you can complete a major component to each level fast.

In addition, this game is still under the development and it may come to the App Store and Google Play the next few days.
So, if you are a fan of such game with brownies, make sure you are the one to download this game once it is available on the mobile markets


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