Castaway Paradise Comes with Party Outfits and More Pearls for iOS

Stolen couch games has recently announced and launchhed their newest game named castaway paradise craft your new life
This game comes with outstanding 3D graphics, fun quests and some new characters

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Here, you can do anything you like enjoying an instant vacation on your own tropical island while decorating the island, playing dress up, gathering bugs, planting and growing crops as well as helping your new neighbors.

In this game, you will arrive in a new town or in a island to build and decorate their home and help the townsfolk with a myriad of requests.

Playing this game will allow you to spend your days doing fun activities such as catching bugs and fishing.
Then you can also try to get a bigger catch than your friends and make your museum collections complete in a quick time

Building your own home-grown fresh crops and growing fruit trees will really quite fun
To build your own farm, just plant the seeds and give them some water.
Later on, you will be allowed to decorate your island with beautiful plants and flowers.

Before going to the party, make sure you create your own outfit with hats, dresses, shoes and other clothing to reflect your personality

Plus, you can also have special events and holidays like Christmas and Halloween.
To help your neighbor, you can decorate all the houses and the rest of the island when the island is covered in snow.

You can also help them by engaging on quests for them so that they will reward you with great gifts
You can also try to chat with them to get to know them better.


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