Cartoon Survivor Goes to iOS

Spunge Games has introduced their new really interesting platform game Cartoon Survivor that will specially designed for iOS devices

cartoon survivor walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to survive for as long as possible to please the producer of a cartoon show.
This game will feature an adventure runner in which you will help Doo Doo the dodo to survive the dangerous life of a cartoon character.

Seemingly, this game is seemingly inspired by some classic cartoons
Along the game, you will control Doo Doo the Dodo to run through a variety of levels before the dynamite on the animal’s back explodes.

Doing all of these will not be all that easy, as Doo Doo will have to avoid a variety of dangers, while jumping on platforms with proper timing and much more.

Graphically, this game will deliver some colorful 3D graphics with stages set in a variety of prehistoric eras
Therefore, there is quite a bit of variety in the environments as well as in the actual gameplay experience.

In related to the gameplay experience and 3D graphics, this game looks so promising.
In addition, this game will come to the App Store in all regions soon
So, if you want to play it, just stay tuned on this site in order to get the review or walkthrough of Cartoon Survivor game.


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