Candy Cross Sweet Escape Goes to iOS

If you like playing any arcade adventure game, you may be happy that a new game called Candy Cross Sweet Escape will go to the apple store in the next few month

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In other words, this game is an endless escape to the land of sweets, candies, chocolates and gummy characters.

Along the game, you will be brought to have your own adventure to get your golden tickets to craft your own beautiful gummy animals and new characters.

When having your journey, do not eat too many candies else the game will end because of consuming from high levels of sugar.

You can then use the candies and gums collected to craft and name your own character.
If you have higher level of character you craft, you will get more resistance to be used when dealing with enemies such as fire, lava, blades which you meet on your journey.

Seemingly, this game was inspired by similar genre such as Frogger, Crossy Road and the movie series called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Here, you will see the slot machine which only give you to purchase a chance to more candies, bubble and other crafting materials without waiting to collect them on your adventure

Anyway, you can also play this game and you can get to the ultimate destination without going to this slot machine.

In related to the first launch of this game, it will come to the apple store later on few month ahead
So, just stay tuned on this site in order to get the review or walkthrough of this game


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