Bushido Bear Will Come to iOS Soon

If you have played Alphabear on your phone, you may have known that Spry Fox, the developer of the awesome bear-based games Alphabear and Triple Town, which were popular on the apple store few month ago

bushido bear walkthrough ios android

Recently, the developer has publicly announced their next mobile title, called Bushido Bear, an original, action-packed ninja-slasher for mobile platforms, the ios and android devices.

Unlike their previous bear-based game, this game, Bushido Bear takes more an action game than a puzzle or word game.

Here, the dress up of Bushido Bear will made in very similar to a ninja
And, the bear holds a pair of swords which are almost two-times longer than itself

In related to the game system, Bushido Bear is based around drawing your path of attack, which was even utilized in Spry Fox’s own Steambirds games.

Along the game, you will have to fight back against the evil monsters invading your forest
Later on, you will be able to unlock new unique characters and upgrade them to their fullest potential

And, it has quite a few unlockable bears in which each comes along with their own unique abilities, like Smokie Bear who can teleport instead of dashing

You will also see Zombie Bear who can rise up even after being killed, and Thief Bear who can collect loot for other bears.

In addition, the developer will launch Bushido Bear on its progress, that is related to Alphabear’s new Valentine’s Day in-game event where you will get a chance to unlock the adorable Valentine Bear for your collection


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