Burnout King Will Go to iOS Soon

Since new racing game and sporting car game coming to the apple store in recent months, a new game related to such genre called Burnout King will come to mobile, mainly for ios and android devices

burnout king walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a realistic burnout simulator game where you will be able to purchase cars, customize your cars and compete in events for big prize.

This game will come along with a bunch of street events, brakes and handbrakes as well as gears to be included within the package

With such gears, you can use the brake pedal on the other side of the screen with the gears so that the power will always be on and you can can shift cogs when off the brake

On the other side, to increase nice effect during in the game, graphics and smoke have been improved into a mobile game.

Also, the car setup and controls will also experience big improvements in which you can steer the car in manual with clutch, brake and handbrake.
Plus, you can also setup your cars as RWD, FWD or AWD as you like

Right now, the developer seems to focus on building in a new smoke system to the game where you will be allowed to smoke your car up during your actions

And, you will be welcomed to the performance shop where you are able to purchase upgrades for your car.
In related to the premier launching of this game, it will go to mobile on December before Christmas for iOS and Android only.

Thus, just stay tunes on this site to get the newest updates related to the review or even walkthrough of this game


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