Bullet Force Upcoming First Person Shooter Will Go to iOS Soon

As you may have known that fps genre has filled the apple store and became simple and easy game to play on the go

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Recently, a new fps genre in going to mobile platform that offers a good shooting animation and a good physics looks, in which it is designed specifically for ios platform
When playing this game, the enemies will patrol along a path and shoot you once seeing you at that time

In line with this, a FPS with an open world may take a lot longer then an average level by level FPS.
Here, good content is definitely a must if you plan for an open world in this genre.

Also, a new genre fps must consider to make an open world or free roam game
Or, this game may be made in shooter rpgs that can be played on the go comfortably

Talking about fps game, an open world games is what the majority of ios gamers want
Also, some survival fps will also be great to play on mobile platforms, ios and android


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