Brothers in Arms 3 Son of War Will Invade iOS Soon

Gameloft is going to launch the third entry of the shooting series, Brothers in Arms 3 on the App Store which has been last seen during E3 2013 but nothing more has been said, or shown, afterward.

brothers in arms 3 walkthrough ios android

Recently, this game is still in development, but its controls are vastly different from previous games in the franchise.
This game can be said as an on-rails shooter but instead of being on a track like in an arcade on-rails shooter
In this game, you will be able to swipe from one position to another while seeing navigating maps.

Anyways, it seems that Gameloft has changed the Brothers in Arms 3 gameplay experience considerably, turning it from an on-rails shooter game into a third person cover based one, with players now being able to move around the battlefield and get behind cover automatically.

In related to the missions of this game, it is also going to be more varied as the game will present some features which are sniping and stealh missions as well as some light role playing game elements.


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