Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Goes to iOS

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a beautiful adventure game that is developed by 505 Games
The developer has recently announced that this game will be made on mobile platforms iOS, Android, and Windows Phone this winter

brothers a tale of two sons walkthrough ios android

In other words, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons can be categorized into a puzzling adventure game featuring two brothers that set out to find a cure that will successfully save their dying father.

Along the game, you will be brought to lead the brothers to solve puzzles and navigate the environment.
The environment seems to involve the world from Nordic culture and history as well as fictional fantasy universes.

In this game, you will take a control of two brothers as they travel through a variety of locations, solve puzzles and more.

The game presents its emotional story and characters along with its unique gameplay features, like the controls, which allow you to control the two brothers at the same time with the use of different analogue sticks and more.

You will see the team replicate the innovative control scheme of the original release in the mobile one.
In related to the first launch of this game, it will soon be launched on the App Store


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