Briquid Mini is The Puzzle Game of Transporting Water by Gamious

If you are puzzle games freak, you may remember a puzzle game called Briquid, which is developed by Gamious for ios.

briquid mini walkthrough ios android

Now, Briquid game will continue to the recent series in Briquid Mini which is the adorable, portable version of the previous one.

This game is a puzzle game that features physics action with water and bricks and coming along with addictive sounds, where you will be able to navigate Briquid Mini’s puzzles by building and removing blocks or turning gravity around.

All you will have to do int his game is simply to tap on the touch screen to build and break bricks
Meanwhile, you will be assigned to transport water from one part of the screen to another.
In other words, you will have to fill some special zones with water.
In order to do this, you will have to destroy and move bricks, tilt your devices to change gravity and more.
However, you will have a limited number of moves that you are able to perform in each stage.

Here, you will also be able to change the direction of gravity with the tilt functionality that will come to layer of depth.
On the other side, every level has a limited number of moves, in which you will have a challenge to prove to get a 100% score in all the levels.

In line with this, this game will be specifically designed with a smaller grid with upgraded graphics to be optimized for smartphone screens.

In addition, this new game form Gamious will come with around 100 stages.
Later on, those stages have been lifted straight from the iPad version, while the rest are completely new
Thus, for those who have mastered the original release have a good reason to get the new version that will be full of new challenges.


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