Bravely Archive D`S Report Will Come to iPhone

After launching a fantastic job-based role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, Bravely Default, Square-Enix has recently announced its newest game which is named as Bravely Archive D`S Report that will be planned to hit Japan sometime in 2015 for both ios and android.

bravely archive d`s report walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will take a role as the new librarian at the Anastasis Library that is located in the center of Luxendarc.

Along the game, you will travel across the world to get back some memories stored in crystals.
In your journey, you will meet characters from other Bravely games.

Throughout the game, you can create your own party from the usual mix healers, offensive types, and supporters where you will also try out whereabouts 30 jobs or classes in this game.

Also, you can put emphasis on getting and changing jobs including classic White Mage and Black Mage, the swift Ninja, the noble Dragoon, and the honey-voiced Performer.

You will also encounter the battles in turn-based, the game makes use of the touchscreen for flick-based commands.

During in the battle, you can have various effects, including those that hoist enemies in the air which you can then unleash a combo attack on.

In addition, a turn-based battle system delivers flicking mechanics, as your fingers will stay in shape as you play.

Recently, this game is free-to-play for mobile platforms, iOS and Android, and it will be launched in Japan on January next year.
Perhaps, this game will be coming along with English language that will specifically be launched in the West as well.


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