Bomberman Ninja Boy Adventures Will Go to iOS Soon

Bomberman which is a new strategy game inspired by this classic series game Ninja Boy Adventures will soon be launched on the App Store.

bomberman ninja boy adventures walkthrough ios android

Recently, this game is in development by The Clash Soft, in which this team is behind the tower defense game Shark Attack 2, which you may see on the apple store for months back

In this new game, this game will be designed for Apple TV and it will come along with a local multiplayer mode supporting up to 4 players online.
You can play this game with MFi controller support and it may not go with IAP whatsoever

Along the game, all you will do is to take power ups, put bombs and destroy all the enemies to complete the levels

Throughout the game, you will be brought to play 30 challenging levels distributed in 11 zones and 3 imaginary worlds.
There, you will have to defeat all enemies and bosses to complete all the levels

So, if you are curious of what this game looks like, make sure to keep updated on this page to get the newest info related to review or even walkthrough of this game on your phone


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