Board Game Carcassonne Updates Winter Edition for iOS

Carcassonne can be categorized into the digital board game made by The Coding Monkey, in which this game will get new updates called The Winter Edition

carcassonne winter edition walkthrough ios android

In this new update, this game will include a variety of new features such as a new character, new mechanics and more
These some graphical updates will provide advantage of the extra power offered by the latest iOS devices.
And this new update will add quite a lot to do to the game.

Before this update comes in, another Carcassone update had been launched around a year ago.
The expansion is called The Princess and the Dragon, which include the Dragon card, the Fairy and Magic Portals and the titular Princess, as well as new features that enhance the whole city-building system and overall experience.

Also, this game has received another update back in May and this update is available as an IAP of the game, which introduces a new game piece called The Phantom that will get you to have one more follower at your disposal.

Seemingly, this game is a kind of new cards with a new gameplay mechanic, which this game will come with tons of snow even on the buttons and menus.

In related to the launching of this update, The Carcassone Winter Edition will be launched on the App Store in the middle of this month.
But, the price has yet to be confirmed at this moment.


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