Blossom Tales The Sleeping King is The Next Generation Zelda on iOS

Castle Pixel has recently launched a Kickstarter for their newest game named blossom tales the sleeping king which is like Zelda in 2D pixel art come to fruition.

blossom tales the sleeping king walkthrough ios android

Before making this new game, Castle Pixel has launched on Kickstarter before, as Rex Rocket, that was funded via Kickstarter and released several months ago.
And, that game will be scheduled to come to iPad as well, so Castle Pixel will look forward to, if this gets funded though.

In this new game, you will control Lily, named after the granddaughter of the grandfather narrating the game, a la The Princess Bride.
Later on, game events will get affected by the narration, in which the external Lily will throw in ideas that may change what really occurs.

Anyway, the making of this game will be playing much like a Zelda title that is a real-time action-RPG with swords and shields as primary tools
Meanwhile, secondary ones like a bow and arrow, with targeting lock will also help in hitting enemies with ranged weapons and magical spells.

In this pack, you will also have an access to plenty of dungeons with tricky puzzles to solve
Also, you will get an element of random generation to the dungeons as well.

According to the plan, this new game is to release in late 2015 for PC followed by iOS and Android in near future.


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