Bleach Brave Souls Will Go to iOS West

If you are a fan of mana series, you may have known that Bleach is one of the more popular manga and anime series in Japan.

bleach brave souls walkthrough ios android

In line with this, some games taken from Bleach anime have been made on consoles and mobiel versions, the ios and android
Seemingly, some of them have been launched in Japan only.

Anyway, the apple store especially for west zone will get a new guest related to this manga called Bleach Brave Souls
This manga created by Tite Kubo will soon be launched outside Japan.

Firstly, this Bleach: Brave Souls will be launched soon in North America and Europe
It is based upon the pre-registration page which has been opened recently.

In accordance with this, Bleach: Brave Souls will be different from other manga and anime based games launched on the App Store recently such as One Piece Treasure Cruise and others

This game brings an action gameplay experience as well as light role playing game mechanics.
Here, you can create your team using heroes from the series then customize and train them before missions.

Also, this game game comes along with some social features such as weekly leagues and more
However, an exact premier launching of this game has yet to be confirmed
So, you can stay tuned on this page in order to get this game launched on the App Store in the West.


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