Beat da Beat Goes to iOS

Nekki Indie developer will launch Beat da Beat on the apple store
This game is a unique classical bullet genre with the dynamics of rhythm games.

beat da beat walkthrough ios android

Your main goal here is to rescue the woman you love from the claws of a green faced foes
To do that, you must fight your way through various enemies

This game seems to be well served where you can see some actions on the screen, such as moving, acting and shooting, based on music compositions.

Along the game, you will have to dodge the hurricane of enemy bullets and smash extraterrestrial miscreants into atoms while dancing in cool style

You will be able to use 10 unique spaceships, each coming with its own features and abilities
Later on, you will have to upgrade them to be the most powerful one that will be useful to deal with boss in this game

So, if you like playing a shooting space action game, you may need to install this game on your phone
You can then feel the the music in each level


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