Battle of Toys as 2D Fighter Game Comes to iPhone

TinyBytes Games is the studio of game industry veterans has now brought fun-filled games to mobile platforms globally, in which it is its brand new action brawler game, called Battle of Toys

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In this game, you will find yourself in the midst of dynamic tap and slash fights with your favorite collectable heroes.

Anyway, this game is created to come to a new gaming experience that delivers on the feeling of being young and playful while offering a quality game featuring accessible controls and stunning graphics

This game also features an array of playable characters, each with their own unique weapons and special abilities along with unique play style and strategy.

Here, you will simply pick your own exclusive action figure to enter the arena with in order to beat your adversaries and battle for dominance.
You will also be served with an endless customization and upgrade options, in which toy combatants can also be suited up to get an extra edge in battle and do what it takes to get your champion.

If you sync this game with your Facebook account, you can compete against both friends and foes online.
Every time you win the fight against enemies, you can access your record through Game Center Achievements and you can put your best record on top of the leader board.

Thus, compare and collect a variety of different toys and action figures at the capsule machine, where you will also get some upgrades reward in game feature.

This game is specifically designed exclusively for mobile devices, in which this game also combines highly detailed graphics and animations with an intuitive combat system to deliver over the top fighting action.

For further, to play this game, you will simply pick an action figure and go head-to-head against other action figures in a slug-fest that is all about timing.
Once the battle begins, you must successfully complete quick-time events to pull off your fighter’s attacks.

As an illustration, you may need to stop a spinning circle in the correct zone of a circle, then quickly tap the screen to build up attack power.
In line with this, missing the zone entirely will result in a missed attack, while waiting too long will result in the opponent striking first.

After getting your victory in some fights, you can spend your earnings on upgraded parts for your action figure of choice, as well as purchasing entirely new figures and additional designs for their unlocked figures available on some packs.

In addition, Battle of Toys is bundled in a narrative that is straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon, with the Techno Titans and Smash Heads trying to rescue the world from the Sinister Lord Sinistorm and his evil minions.
Now, you can download and play this game from the apple store then get your self in this game.


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