Battle Golf as A Sport Game Will Go to iOS Soon

Few month ago, you might notice a sport game that was funny one called wrassling that is a unique wrestling game which you might have played on ios and android devices

battle golf walkthrouhg ios android

If you liked taht game, the team behind Wrassling will have a plan to make another unusual game next week on the App Store.
In line with this, a game in similar genre will be called as Battle Golf

In this game, you will have to rack up your score more than your opponent does
You can do this by trying to get the ball in the hole.

Along the game, your opponent can hit your ball, leading to a lot of hilarious moments.
During that match, the first one to score 5 points will be the winner of the match.

In accordance with the package, the game will also feature a single player mode where you have to score as many points as possible in a limited amount of time.

In related to the premier launching of Battle Golf game, it will be bounced on the App Store next week, on July 30th.

Also, this game will be planned to be a free title which is usually supported by ads that you may see while you are playing this game on your phone
So, stay tune on this page to get the review or even walkthrough of Battle Golf game


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