Armadillo Gold Rush HD A Puzzle Game Goes to iOS

AppAbove Games has recently presented their upcoming game, Armadillo Gold Rush HD, a puzzle game will be on the way to the App Store this week.

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In this game, you will be assigend to control an armadillo who must roll around and collect all the gold coins then finish challenging levels.

Here, you can also change direction, with springs, balls, and boxes that can help you in your way to become the richest armadillo in all the land.

When doing your action, you can use of the walls and the different types of blocks found in each stage, with some of them opening new paths when destroyed and more.

There, you must also be careful when rolling as you will get plenty of obstacles and enemies to avoid in each stage.

Anyway, the gameplay experience is pretty easy to understand so you will start enjoying the game and its clever puzzles.

In fact, anyone curious enough to want to check out the older version of “Armadillo Gold Rush” can still do so. The official site of App Above Games is currently still available for purchase to anyone who wants to give the puzzle game a try.

In addition, if you are a fan of the original game, you will also see that some of the older levels in the original game have been remastered so that they look better on an iOS device.

In this mobile version, the graphics have also been improved significantly.
And, the levels have also been designed better, with more vibrant colors and bigger spaces to traverse through.

Thus, you can stay tuned on this site to get the walkthrough of Armadillo Gold Rush HD that will guide you to solve puzzle in this game


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