Arcane Knight as An Endless Runner RPG Goes to iOS

If you like playing endless runner games on mobile, you will be introduced a new formula of such genre, which is called Arcane Knight

arcane knight walkthrough ios android

This game brings an endless genre and action rpg into one pack which will be served to the iOS and Android platforms.

On the other side, this game combines the mounted combat game mechanics with the classical RPG elements, such as character development through leveling up and gaining new items and skills, in an endless runner fashion.

In this game, you will ride a horse through the forests, canyons and villages of a medieval fantasy themed world while fighting against various types of enemies such as pikeman, mage, trapper, spearman, lancer and more.

The enemies here will come along with their own unique behavior, whereby you must decide rapidly whether to do a melee attack or ranged attack or cast a spell based on the current situation while trying to avoid enemy attacks and obstacles along the path.

In addition, this game, Arcane Knight is now being in the development for iOS devices
And, this game seems not to reveal any exact launching date publicly

So, if you really want to play this game on your phone, you may stay tuned on this page to get the newest news on this interesting endless runner game.


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