Angry Birds Under Pigstruction is on the Way to iOS

If you ever played angry birds series on mobile platforms before, you will see that Rovio as the popular developer of Angry Birds game will continue to go to the newest chapter and series

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In line with this, you will now be introduced with a new entry of the successful Angry Birds series which has been soft-launched on the Canadian App Store recently.

Here, you will now be presented with the newest game from Rovio called Angry Birds Under Pigstruction where basically plays like the other entries of the series

In Angry Birds game, you will usually use the slingshot to launch birds into different structures to beat all enemies.

And, when playing Angry Birds Under Pigstruction, it does come with some variations in the formula, where you can select the bird to launch.
Every bird will also more be effective against certain materials, adding more depth to the experience.

In this game, you will see some new feature such as the adding of mulch-stage levels, magic spells that will make your life easier
To play for this game more fun, you will deal with boss battles against some really fearsome pigs such as Chef Pig, King Pig and others.

Anyway, this game, Angry Birds Under Pigstruction has been in soft-launch mode on the Canadian App Store.

And, you must wait it for being launched on all other regions in that the release date is not confirmed yet.
So, if you are the lovers of Angry Birds series, be sure to stay tuned for all the recent updates of this game.


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