Angel Wing as Shooter Game Goes to iOS

Recently, Quantum Sheep the team behind another shooter game, Air Supply has just announced its next game that is the upcoming shooter game which is called Angel Wing.

angel wing walkthrough ios android

This game is categorized into a 3D shoot-em-up with a minimalistic look.
Seemingly, the developer is aiming for the mission structure to follow a similar style to SEGA’s Outrun game, where the stages gradually branch out into multiple routes with several possible final stages.

You will then see 15 stages inside the game where you will have to shoot down massive enemy ships, while avoiding asteroids and enemy fire and more.
In line with this, Angel Wing’s stages will have branching paths that will provide an incentive to play through them again.

Angel Wing is being in the progress for iOS devices as well as on PC and Mac and it will added with several features before it goes to the apple store as new arrival game.

In related to the first launch of this game, a release date has also to be confirmed yet
So, you can stay tuned on this page to get the newest info such as review or even walkthrough of this game in the future updates.


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